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To solve the problems of the Client, FUNIPLAN offers, together with the usual professional services, “complete packages of services ” of a technical and organizational type, for both the development and subsequent realisation of individual projects and the management of the ordinary activity of the operating firm.

In other words, the Client can rely on FUNIPLAN for:

  • the individuation of the best technical solution, bearing in mind all the various aspects (economic character and simplicity of construction and use, safety, environmental impact, noise pollution, etc,);
  • the complete development of a certain project, that will be supervised step by step in every stage (from topographic surveys to planning, construction and testing);
  • support in the development of the specialist component only within a more complex project;
  • assistance in the ordinary technical management of the operating company, also with continuative contracts.

Owing to its highly professional experience in planning and practice, FUNIPLAN is able to provide complete technical advice and know-how in two sectors that normally have difficulty in communicating and exchanging their respective experiences. The project development is thus speeded up and profits from the best solutions thanks to an 'external' and objective view of the problems.

All the activities of the technical office are based in the FUNIPLAN operational centre in Ora-Auer (Bolzano-Bozen) which can deal with every planning and managerial requirement.

Where other specialist competences are requested, FUNIPLAN relies on a network of professionals highly qualified in their respective sectors, but is directly responsible to the Client for their coordination.

To guarantee the Client an absolutely objective and impartial job, FUNIPLAN is not linked to any manufacturer, although it collaborates now and then with the most qualified production firms.