The Problems Facing

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The technical management of a winter resort requires the work of many professionals in diverse fields, each of whom deals only with the aspects of his own competence. This fragmentation of tasks often entails, due also to physical distance and other logistic problems, considerable difficulties in coordination, an increase in costs and the continual risk of omitting aspects or problems of great importance.

Whereas the small or medium operator, often with a limited organisation, obviously has difficulty in dealing with constantly different technical issues and new projects, even the internal structure of a large operator, however well organised and equipped with valid operative instruments, is not always able

to deal with the multidisciplinary quality and character of competences that are required every day in the management of cableways and has to rely on external consultants.

The task of the internal technical office is therefore limited to mere coordination and distribution, which determines a noticeable increase in costs, as well as the difficulty of finding the most qualified professional for a particular job.


Public  Corporations

The technical offices of public administrations are organised and used to dealing with and managing the issues of conventional projects, but they are often in difficulties when they have to work in close contact with the extremely specialist world of cable transport.

In this case, therefore, the lack of suitable external support for projects of urban development, restoration of existing structures, or links between various areas, independent of the manufacturers, is soon evident.



The technical organisation of the Manufacturing Firm is chiefly concerned with the development and production of the electromechanical components and only manages with great difficulty to deal with all the other aspects, not least the development of the civil works and accessories and the procedures involving environmental and administrative aspects. This is extremely important, especially in the preparation of competitive (contract) tendering and in the management of public projects.